What is a Scholarship – How Does Scholarship Work?

What is a Scholarship – How Does Scholarship Work?

You really want to study abroad with a scholarship? Or do you want any form of scholarship to sponsor your academics? There’s good news for you.

The truth is that there’re a lot of scholarships to fund your education abroad. However, not everyone knows in detail what a scholarship is. In this article, I’ll explain what scholarship is. How Scholarships work and various types of scholarships available to students.

What is a scholarship?

Scholarship is a grant or money made to support a student’s education. It’s always awarded on the very basis on academic and other relevant achievements or favors from individuals or government.

However, you can call it a gift aid since the students don’t have to pay the money back

It’s that amount of money given to an individual by a school, college, university, or an organization for studies that has the capacity but doesn’t have enough or no money to sponsor it.

Also, their other criteria may also need financial support and must be for the purpose of schooling.

There’re a lot of types of scholarships. But the most common ones are merit-based and need-based.

Who sets the criteria for Scholarships?

If you want to know who decides what criteria for a particular scholarship, it’ll interest you to know that the donor(s) or the department funding the scholarship that decides or sets the criteria for receiving the scholarship.

They will also decide how the money will be applied or sent to the beneficiaries.

What do the Scholarship funds cover?

Scholarship funds cover the costs of tuition, books room, board, and other expenses which are connected to the student’s education throughout the university or the program of sponsorship.

Factors affecting Scholarship Awards

There’re a lot of factors that can affect the scholarship awards and some of them includes:

  • Academic achievement
  • Departmental and community involvement
  • Employment experience
  • Study discipline
  • Financial need
  • Association decision etc.

Countries like the US and Canada offer comprehensive scholarships to incoming students and rising students.

Some Countries provides Visa Sponsorship for students whose purpose of traveling abroad is to study. Also, there’re jobs for students who study under scholarships to help them support themselves as well.

Who can apply for Scholarships abroad or at home?

When it comes to scholarships application, anyone who meets the scholarship application requirements can apply.

But it’s good you note that different types of scholarships target different students and have different requirements. So, to be eligible, you must check if you’re qualified to apply.

Application is only valid if the scholarship application deadlines are up-to-date and also if it’s open to national, international, or both students.

What are the common scholarship application requirements?

  • Application or registration form completed
  • Letter of recommendation for scholarship
  • Acceptance letter from an academic institution
  • Your proof of income and official financial statements.
  • The proof of extraordinary academic performance or athletic Prowess.
  • A copy of your passport/ID
  • The copies of your transcript/diplomas
  • Letter of motivation or statement of purpose.
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A Standardized test scores
  • Portfolio for students of art, design, and other similar degrees which must be artistic work and projects.
  • Medical report showing your health evaluation form.

How can I apply for a scholarship abroad?

Once you see an abroad scholarship you  are eligible to apply, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the scholarship online portal and fill out the online application form
  • Check your email inbox to ensure you received the confirmation email.
  • Fill in the personal statement or essay.
  • Provide the right proof of your academic or athletic or artistic achievements. If you are possible, you can translate the documents.
  • Provide the official proof of your low income or nationality for the region of scholarships.
  • Then proofread all the documents for errors and also send them to the scholarship provider.
  • You’re to submit the acceptance letter from the university showing that you’ve been accepted.
  • After this, wait for results, if you are enlisted for the scholarships, congratulations.

Where can I find study abroad Scholarships?

There’re several scholarship websites where you can find abroad scholarships. Mostly, you can find the abroad scholarships on the websites of the Universities that offer the scholarships or the websites of the government or organizations offering the scholarships.

You must be careful as you search online for scholarship abroad opportunities because not all websites provide reliable information on up-to-date scholarship content. Below are some of the websites to search for abroad scholarships:

  •                Studygreen.info
  • Scholarshippositions.com
  • Scholarshipportal.com
  • Masterportal.com
  • Scholarships. plus

types of scholarships available to students?

I’ll show you the most common type of scholarships that you can apply to study abroad:

  • The first of it all is the scholarships for excellence in academic results. This type is known as the merit scholarship.
  • For research, artistic or athletic achievements.
  • Scholarships for poor students or low-income students.
  • Under-represented groups scholarships- this one goes to women, Hispanic and African-American students,  and citizens from other countries.
  • All international students scholarships. This one cuts across every student on the globe that is eligible.
Importance of Scholarships

It’s good to have big dreams and wants to study a choice curse in the university in your chosen country. However, if you have all these dreams and don’t have the money to fund them, you won’t be able to achieve your academic career.  If you such, you can then make that meaningful impact you wish to make in society.

However, with a funded scholarship in a chosen area of discipline can make you achieve your dream.

Because it’s difficult to survive in today’s world without proper education, it becomes very important to achieve your academic dreams through Scholarships. Another reason most students go for scholarships is because of government policy.

Students resort to scholarships to acquire a good education, get exposed to a world-class education system, and study other peoples’ ways of life.

Here’re the benefits or importance of scholarships:

Best things you must know about scholarships
  • Financial assistance
  • Easy focus on achieving academic goals
  • Offers support to get admission to popular Universities
  • Enhances one’s resume
  • Enables beneficiary to study other peoples’ way of life.
  • It Opens the door for better opportunities to work and live abroad.

Before you leave this site, I want to know the highlights of what this article is talking about and it’s shown below:

  • Meaning of scholarships and also the fact that scholarships are gift aid given to qualified students or my favor.
  • There’re various types and they are either local or for international students.
  • Also, you’ll know the process of applying for scholarships and various sources to apply for scholarships.

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