University of Melbourne Scholarship – Fully Funded Scholarships 2023

University of Melbourne Scholarship – Fully Funded Scholarships 2023

If you have an interest in studying at the top Australia University with a full funding scholarship, you have read this article to the end. In this post, we’ll be explaining in detail about the Melbourne University scholarship. Also, you’ll see the benefits of the scholarship and step by the step application process.

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The University of Melbourne scholarship for 2022-2023 is a full funding scholarship for international students. It’s offered to students for master’s and Ph.D. intentions.

Moreso, the scholarship provides full tuition fees, traveling allowance, living expenses of  $31,200 per year, and educational expenses.

The University provides hundreds of prizes as a reward for hard work and achievement throughout the course. It’ll start from the first year of undergraduate study. Also through internships and through your Ph.D. Students can win prizes that’ll help them to concentrate on their studies.

In addition, the prizes just help them as they study, but will also be an integral part of their CV.

Moreover, the Melbourne Model is a good structure for international flexibility. Also, it sends more than 1300 students abroad every year for a semester, for a year, or in short-term intensive programs.

In addition, graduate students can seek funding for their research overseas. By so doing, they’ll engage in and publish research or engage other colleagues at key conferences.

University of Melbourne Scholarship


University of Melbourne scholarship Summary

  • Study Level: Masters and Ph.D
  • Institution(s) : University of Melbourne
  • Study Location: Australia
  • Area of focus: You can check the graduate course pages for details
  • Study period:2 years of students doing master by research degrees
  • Should b up to 3.5 years for students offering a doctoral degree
  • Deadline: For those applying for a graduate research course at the application closing date for the course, you’ll get consideration automatically for the graduate research scholarships.


The Scholarship Coverage

As awardees of these scholarships, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Full scholarship payment for up to 2 years of students doing masters by research degree or up to 4 years for students on Doctoral degree.
  • Covers a living allowance of $31,200 per year pro rata (2020 full-time study rate). This is for up to 2 years for students doing master’s by research degree. Also 3.5 years for students undertaking doctoral degrees. However, the living allowance can be indexed yearly to include limited paid sick or maternity and parenting leave.
  • Offers relocation grant of $2000 for students moving from States or Territories that aren’t Victoria or $3000 for students transferring from outside Australia.
  • Also, the overseas student’s health can cover (OSHC) Single Membership for the international students that need a student visa to study in Australia.

Criteria for University of Melbourne Scholarship

For candidates to qualify for these scholarships, they must fulfill all the requirements below:

  • The required language: English
  •  eligible countries: Every country in the world
  • Must apply for and meet the entry requirement for a master’s or doctorate by research degree at the University of Melbourne. Or you must be currently enrolled in a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne.


Steps to apply for the University of Melbourne Scholarship

If you have interest in applying for the scholarship, follow the steps below:

  • Choose your course
  • Check your eligibility
  • Prepare your documentation
  • Apply with Melbourne
  • Get assessed and wait for offers
  • Plan for accommodation

If you want more details about the University of Melbourne scholarship, visit the University’s official website.

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