How to create a Good Twitter Marketing Strategy for your Business

How to create a Good Twitter Marketing Strategy for your Business

Twitter Marketing is a business strategy that you won’t ignore if you want to make huge sales online. However, whether to Tweet, or not to Tweet is your options to choose. Well, as you to marketing channel, have you ever tried Twitter?


From research, 4 out of 10 Twitter users were found to carry out a purchase after coming across a product  or brand on Twitter. So, there’s  a big chances that a Twitter user will by a product  at 2.7 times when exposed to a tweet from a brand.

Therefore, with over 395 million users on Twitter, it’s easy to see reason a store owner will use Twitter. So, using Twitter is more than posting occasionally. If you want to build a brand awareness and also drive traffic, you’ll use the following Twitter marketing strategies I’ll be sharing in this article.


What is a Twitter marketing Strategy?

This is an important question. And you won’t start using a strategy that you don’t know what it’s all about. So, a Twitter marketing strategy is just the set of plan of action fashioned to create and also distribute content to your targeted audience and followers on Twitter.

Though, it may seem that you have a lot to consider when building a Twitter marketing Strategy for your online store. Well, even if it looks too much for you, all you have to do is to wait as I take you through the successful Twitter campaigns.

Factors that Influence Successful Twitter Campaign

  1. Using your Twitter account to offer customer support- Here, you can give your potential customers the option to tweet at your brand or send a direct message (DM) to receive help. You must know that companies that uses twitter as a line for customer supports receives a 19% lift in customer satisfaction.
  2. Publish a mix of educational and a product post- when making a post, try to aim at publishing about 25% product Tweets and a 75% valuable content or lifestyle posts. When you do this, it’ll help your customers to visualize using your product .Also; you can teach them how to use it.
  3. Ensure To Retweet customer photos and positive Tweets-Doing this will provide social proof that real people  buy and use your products. It shows that people love your company. And it doesn’t matter if a customer’s posts something good on instagram. You can repost it on your Twitter account too. Then, the next thing to do is to tag the customer each time you make the post. Also, include the link to the purchase.
  4. Take out time to browse  related hashtags– This will help those looking for a recommendations on where to buy new shoes or any products. You can make your comments on their tweets and recommend your products. Take some time and scan the timeline for trending hashtags such as #needshoes or #sportwears etc. Those who need help are more receptive to advice.

How you can use Twitter for Marketing

 Taking of Twitter Flight School

You’ll have to deliberately takeout some time to take Twitter flight school. The Twitter Flight School is a free online platform where you learn everything about advertising on Twitter. It doesn’t matter is you’re new to Twitter or not. Here, you can still find a course that will level up your skills In Twitter marketing.

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, it’s clearly different from Instagram, TikTok or Google. However, it’s good you know the different  kinds of paid promotions you can use on Twitter to make it more successful.


From the flight school, you’ll know how to choose courses you want to take. So, each course if fit with a live training. You can download it, get more successful storied and other personal roadmap for more motivations.

Connect With other Influential Accounts in Your Space

Connect with like minds on Twitter. It’s a strategy that most expert marketers use. They will organize a hang out and meet other good folks in the business.

So, if you want to increase your brand awareness on Twitter, meet and converse with leaders in the industry.

And at this point you’ll have to spend some time connecting with influencers or other big wigs in your space. Example of such people is Journalists and writers. You can send them a cold email and even if you’re ignored, don’t stop.

Setup Legit Business Profile like a Pro

Having a professional looking profile is a key to building followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Having a professional looking profile for your brand can make people to follow or unfollow you. What you’ll consider too is your display picture, header, biography and Twitter handle.

Now, the header image should showcase your main produce. It’ll make a good first impression when someone lands on your handle. Fromm the Profile, people can get a sense of what they stand for from their bio and so on.

Make Use of Twitter Polls

If you really want to engage with your target audience on Twitter, you can start using Twitter Polls.  The Twitter polls are really fun and easy to use. You can get valuable information about people’s opinion on any topic. Information like what to name your product, what your audience prefers and the type of people they are.

Presently, ecommerce brands can use Twitter polls in few ways such as:

  • Market research
  • Trending topics
  • Fast Feedback
  • Fun etc.

The wise Use of Hashtags

Using relevant Hashtags on Twitter will make potential customers to find you easily. So, don’t be afraid to turn on your hashtag game for your Twitter Marketing.

Creating of Twitter Threads

With creating of Twitter threads, store owners and marketers can be more creative with Twitter Marketing strategy. A Twitter thread has unlimited collection of coherent tweets, but regular tweet is just a 280 character unit.

However, your Twitter thread can be about anything you choose.

Run Ads on Twitter

With Twitter adds, you can increase your brand awareness and also the demand for your products. For example you can run video ads for your next market plan or product. Before you know it, millions on people will view it on Twitter. So, gradually, the demand for the product will increase.

Also, you can run Twitter marketing ad campaigns on Twitter to target the following:

  • Past website visitors
  • Those  that have engaged in your tweets
  • Cart abandoners
  • Newsletter recipients

Engage in Twitter chats

Twitter chats will help you to engage your audience in an interactive manner. It’ll involve conversations on focused topic. Twitter chats are usually hosted once a week. Now the hosting person or brand usually asks questions and participants are to respond using codes decided by the host. Questions can appear in formats like Q1, Q2 and the answers will come from the participants as A1, A2 respectively.

The benefits of the Twitter chats are that it brings a niche targeted audience together.

It’s a low effort and high value way to engage with audience.

Make Use of the Twitter Marketing Tools

If you want to grow your audience on Twitter you need to make use of different Twitter marketing tools.All these tools will help you easily find a new audience and make connections and then, get them into your digital marketing ecosystem.

Major Twitter marketing tools

  • Agorapulse
  • TweetDeck
  • ClickToTweet
  • Hashtagify

Creating Strategic Twitter Lists

With Twitter lists, you can follow the updates of a group of Twitter users. They share a common interest. So, you can create public and private lists of about 500 Twitter users each.

However, you can add someone to twitter list by clicking the settings wheel icon that’s next to the follow button on their profile.

Examples of how to use Lists are:

  • Creating a private list of a lot of competitors on Twitter you can follow and monitor the updates without it getting to the public knowledge.
  • Make a private list of top influencers in your niche and engage them to get the word out about your business
  • Also, make a private list of existing customers that you can easily connect and engage with them.
  • Make a public list of brands that your business carries to stay up to date on their current news and products.
  • You can create public lists of stores that carry your brands to learn more about new locations or policies.
You must View your Twitter Analytics Regularly

Your Twitter Marketing strategy you decide, you’ll have a group of targeted audience. So, with Twitter Analytics, you can see which posts that makes the most impressions and get most reactions.

The top Twitter Analytics metrics business track is:

  • Top interests of followers
  • The engagements and like rates
  • Tweet reach percentage
  • Impressions and engagements by time of the day
  • The best days of engagements
  • Your video completion rate


From this Twitter marketing strategy and Twitter Analytics metrics, you’ll give your Twitter business account the right visibility to improve your performance over time and reach more audience and customers. You can get more details on

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