Scholarships in Canada for international Students

Scholarships in Canada for international Students – Fully Funded

Are you looking forward to study abroad with a scholarship? Certainly, Canada is the right place for you study abroad as an international student.

For Example, Canada has a lot of good and quality Universities that offers great scholarship opportunities. However, most of the scholarships can be partial or fully funded.

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So, I don’t want you to search further .Because there’re numerous fully funded scholarships for international students in Canada. Moreover, the scholarships are open for bother Master, and Ph.D students. In addition, you can also study a 2-3 year diploma course.

Who offers the Scholarship programs?

Well, I know that you may want to know why so many scholarships in Canada and who offers it. Firstly, the scholarships are offered by the Canadian government.

So, Canada allows international students to study in Canada without using IELTS certification. Because of this, it’s important that you check all the scholarships in Canada for 2022 with IELTS.

Wow, what could this drive be for Canada? Interestingly, Canada has a goal to foster understanding  among young people.  Firstly, they want to develop global citizens, nurture great leaders and contribute to the development of other nations.

Meanwhile, Canadian scholarships is open to both Canadian and international students studying at the Universities in Canada.

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Moreover, Canada has most of their Universities ranking top in the world. So, it’s best time to apply for scholarships in Canada for 2023 academic session.

However, I’ll be listing the  various Scholarships in Canada below.

List of Available Scholarships in Canada for International students

Each year, large number of students chooses Canada for their academic pursuit.  Most importantly, they choose this for either Masters or Ph.D. studies

However, there’s an official report showing that there’re 642,480 international students are in Canada presently. Therefore, this is about 13% increase in the previous year.

In addition, Canada will be taking about 1.3 Million immigrants in 2022-24. So, just  be patient and get the full list. I also, want to remind you that the scholarship has the following:

  • Country: Canada
  • Degree/level: Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.
  • Financial sponsorship: Fully funded

University of Alberta Scholarships 2022-23 Without Using IELTS

The Alberta University as removed the IELTS requirement for admission. So, you can now apply for the University scholarships with IELTS.  Admission is on for 2022-2023. More so, it’s open to fully funded Masters Scholarships and Ph.D scholarships in Canada.

However, they have announced and also state the changes in English proficiency language requirements. In short, the University of Alberta is one of the top 5 Canadian University open for scholarships in 2022.

Most importantly, they have exempted many countries as well as more Universities from offering an IELTS.

  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Master, Ph.D. and diploma.
  • Financial coverage: Fully funded
  • Deadline: 15th December 2022 (For most courses)
McGill Scholarships In Canada 2022 to 2023

McGill  University is a top Canadian University in Canada for this academic term Fall 2023, Winter 2023 and Summer 2023. However, the scholarship at the McGill University is quite open to Canadians. Also, it’s open to the U.S. and other international students.  This is a fully funded  Canadian scholarship.

The McGill provides fully funded scholarships for 2022-2023. So, if you want to  submit an application for  a McGill graduate scholarships in Canada.

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All you have to do is to consult the application steps and then, choose the appropriate term and your choice of course. It’s available for only Masters and Ph.D. scholarships in Canada.

  • University : McGill University
  • Degree Level: Masters, Ph.D
  • Deadline : 15th July 2022
  • Application Link
Montreal University Canada Scholarship

The Montreal scholarship is open for the year 2023. And it’s also available for summer 2022, fall 2022 and also for winter 2023. It’s interesting to let you know that this scholarship is second-largest University in Canada.

If you have interest to study here you can apply for degree programs. In addition, it offers Ph.D, and Post doctorate fellowships. Presently, it ranks No. 4 in Canada and 73rd in the world.

  • University : University de Montreal
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
  • Upcoming Deadline: 1st September 2022

Application Link 

 University of Waterloo Scholarships in Canada

The University of Waterloo offers fully funded scholarship for every qualified international student. It’s open for Undergraduate and Ph.D studies.

However, the University of Waterloo is known for public research in Canada. They automatically grants scholarships for students.

  • Institution: The University of Waterloo
  • Country: Canada
  • Study Level: Undergraduate/Masters and Ph.D
  • Dead line: July 15, for undergraduates and November  15 for Masters and Ph.D.

Lester B Pearson International Scholarships

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship  is a fully funded scholarship  from the University of Toronto. However, it’s for Undergraduate students   for full time study for four year undergraduate program.

In addition, it covers a total of 37 different undergraduate scholarships. And it covers tuition fees, books, incidental fees and a full residence support for the four years of study.

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  • Country of Study : Canada
  • Level of study : Undergraduate

Application Deadline : click Here 

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2023

This is a Canadian government scholarship that’s fully funded. Meanwhile, it’s available for Doctoral, and post Doctoral scholarships in Canada. Therefore, it’s open for every international student. And it’s one of the biggest scholarship by the Canadian government.

  • Institution: Canadian University
  • Country of study: Canada
  • Level of Study: PhD
  • Application Link: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
McCall MacBain Scholarships 2023

The McCall MacBain scholarship application is on for 2023 at the McGill University. However, you can send your application is you have interest for this scholarship. There’re about 30 full scholarships and about 80 entrance awards available for offers.

  • Country : Canada
  • University : McGill University
  • Financial sponsor: Fully sponsored
  • Degree Level: Master, Ph.D
  • Dead line for application: For Canada and U.S September 21,2022.

Dalhousie University Scholarships 2023

The scholarship application for Canada summer studies are on. It’s open for Undergraduates, Master and Ph.D. Meanwhile, there’s a lot to gain from studying in Canada as their institutions are top notch.

Application into Dalhousie University is open till 31st August 2022.

The University of Manitoba Scholarships 2023

Manitoba University spends about 2 million Dollars annually for its scholarship program for graduate students.

For More Details Click here.

UBC Scholarship (University of British Colombia)

UBC Scholarship is indeed a prestigious scholarship for Undergraduate and gradates students to study in Canada. It’s open for international students to study in Canada.

University of Ottawa Scholarships 2023

University of Ottawa Scholarships are presently available for undergraduates, Master, Ph.D, Micro programs, short programs and Diplomas. The Ottawa University has  a lot of scholarships for international students and Canadian citizens.




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