Scholarship Visa Application – Students Visa Application

Scholarship Visa Application – Students Visa Application

Have you gotten Scholarship admission abroad and you need Visa? If so, this is a good scholarship application guide for you.  This guide will cover learning in scholarship visa application. So, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll learn how to apply for a scholarship in line with student visa application.


Scholarship is an educational financial aids in form of bursaries, grants, funds  or fellowships  that is issued to a person or a set of people  to acquire a self or group knowledge.

Scholarships are of 2 kinds:

  1. Fully funded scholarships or full time scholarship
  2. Half or part time scholarship

Any of these scholarship opportunities gives the applicants the opportunity to enjoy free or half paid program in the university.

Scholarship Visa application

The student visa application is an application that is expected by any student that has benefited from a scholarship program. However, this will cover both full time and part time. One you gain a scholarship to study in any country, you’ll apply for this kind of visa.

This visa will show the time of the year the student is expected to leave the country for the scholarship abroad.

However, different countries  has their types of students visa requirements. For example, China student visa requires permit and the applicants should use visa X2 to apply, if their schooling days in China will be above 180 days. Moreso, U.S has their own special requirements for Student visa applications.


Highest Student Scholarship with Visa application Funding

  • The Chevening Undergraduate Scholarship
  • University of Ghana Scholarship
  • Harvard University Scholarship
  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • A Nurse I am Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The University of Washington Scholarship

So, for your scholarship Visa application, you must make sure that the school you’re applying have approved your scholarship application and have also invited you for an interview.

Various Student Visa Applications Depending on Country

  • Chinese Student Visa
  • S Student Visa
  • Australian Student Visa
  • The Visa For Ghanaian Student in Scholarship
  • The Canadian Student Visa
  • Britain Student Visa
  • The Indian Student Visa
  • Student Visa Nigeria
  • Student Visa South Africa
  • The European Student Visa etc.
The Student Visa Application

The U.S immigration department offers 3 categories of Visa applications to students and they are:

  1. JExchange Student Visa- This is the visa for participating in high school or college exchange program
  2. F-Student Visa- This type goes to Visa to study English in any government Approved university in the United States.
  3. M-Student- it’s for training or non-academic travels.

The major requirements for this visa application are that the applicant must have gained the scholarship from the organization, government, NGOs, individuals and others.  However, as you apply, you must indicate the category you’re applying for.


The General Requirement for a Student Visa Application

  • Every applicants must have gained the scholarship to study in the said country
  • For the U.S Students Visa applicants, you must follow all the listed categories to apply responsively.
  • China student scholarship applicants must use X2 or X3 visa types. However, it depends on the duration of your program.
  • Every visa application should start immediately you gain the scholarship
  • You must find out if your sponsors will guide you through the application process.
  • Make sure you study the application carefully and abide with all the instructions about a student visa requirement for any country.
The Supporting Documents
  • You need the printed copy of your admission letter
  • A printed copy of the school approval of admission
  • Your recent passport photograph
  • You’ll need a valid international passport
  • Get a printed copy of your admission letter
  • You need a recent health certificate
  • School transcript if you’re a postgraduate applicant
  • Other documents as indication in the visa application form.

The Passport Photograph Analysis for Scholarship Visa application

  • You must use a valid international passport
  • Use a recent passport photograph and must show all tribal or facial contents
  • HD photos having excessive beautification won’t be accepted
  • The passport should show your forehead, eyes, jaw line and nose clearly
  • The Passport must indicate the person’s individual look.


As you apply for the Visa, you’re to make sure that you read all the requirements as shown in the website. Moreso, follow up your application with all the necessary documents. Also, create all accounts using your own personal email account.

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