Panda Express Survey –

Panda Express Survey –

The Panda Express is among the most popular and high esteemed restaurants in the United States of America. Their desire to be the best restaurant in the U.S makes them an institute for customer satisfaction survey for its customers.

Through the Panda Express survey, the company can know what the customers think about their products and services.


The Panda Express Survey

Panda express survey is available for all Panda express customers. They collect the feedback from the customers and use it for the general growth of the company.

In addition, the beautiful thing about this is that they offer gifts to the successful candidates of the survey.

Tips about the Panda Feedback Survey

It’s interesting to know the founders of the Panda restaurant. It’s founded by Peggy Cherng and Andrew Cherng. They are very popular in United States, Canada, France, and Italy and so on.

This article will be focusing on survey to as a genuine feedback from customers.

The Panda express survey Prize

Panda Express Survey

So, after the survey, you’ll be awarded a free gift item from the Panda Express.


Key things you must know about Panda Survey

 Below are some key things you must know about the  Survey;

  • In the first place, you’ll need a purchase before you can partake in the Panda Survey.
  • For those doesn’t have a recent receipt, you can use a Panda Express Store number.
  • However, the survey can take just 48 hours after the day of the purchase to be out.

From here, let’s look at the rules and regulations of the Panda Survey;

Rules and Regulations on the Panda Express Survey

Every participant must have these rules and regulations at the back of their minds before participating  in the Panda Express Survey.

  1. You must purchase to qualify in the Panda Express Survey.
  2. Also, your purchases must be between two business days
  3. No limit to the amount of time that anyone can participate in this survey. Though there’s a restriction of one coupon code per person.

You can now see the different types of rules and regulations that guide the Panda Feedback survey.

How you can participate in the Panda Feedback Survey

If you’re residing in the United States of America and you’re a customer of Panda Express, you can share your experience or your opinions about the products and services of Panda Express. Moreso, there’re other ways to take part in the survey and it’s summarized below:

How you can take part in the Panda Express Survey online

  • To participate online, you must purchase at the Panda express store or restaurant.
  • Then,  go to the website at
  • On the following page, enter your Panda survey code and click on next button
  • Then, it’ll lead you to another page . Here, you’ll answer the questions correctly and genuinely.
  • When you finish sharing your opinion, you’ll be given the Panda Express validation code. Save the code elsewhere for easy remembrance.
  • So, when next you’re visiting the panda Express restaurant next. Proceed with the validation code and you’ll be awarded a Panda Express free item.

However, if you don’t have the free Panda express code in your receipt, you can now enter with the survey with the Express store number.

How you can Participate in the Panda Express Survey Offline

You can take the survey offline with your offline with your phone by following the steps below:

  • You’ll start by calling the Panda Express phone number , you can get the details from
  • Then, give your opinions via the phone call
  • After that, you’ll be issued a validation code through the phone call.
  • Write down the validation code on your receipt.

After this, you can go to the nearest Panda Express store with the Validation code.

It’s the official website where the survey takes place. In this website, every customers of Panda Express Survey can share their genuine opinions and also, help the company improve their products and services.

The Panda Express

It’s a favorite and a famous restaurant in the United States of America. Also, it serves both American and Chinese cuisine. Panda  Express is among the largest restaurant in  United States. Moreso, it located like a shopping   mall food court.  Though, now it has increased in almost every area.  Presently, it’s a standalone restaurant with its own amusement parks and airports.

As at now, it has 2,200 restaurants in 49 states of the United States of America.

FAQS on the Panda Survey

How Do I Locate the Panda Express Near Me?

Well, this isn’t a big task, just follow the steps down and you’ll locate the nearest Panda express near you;

  • Visit the online locator too, at
  • Once you get on the page, you’ll find all the locations of the Panda Express.
How Do I Create an Account at the Panda Express?

Creating an account here isn’t a big deal; all you’ll do is to visit the site at On the site, click on the icon that says ‘account’. Hit the sign up button. It’ll direct you to the sign up page where you can fill your personal information and then, create your account.

How can I place an order at the Panda Express

If you want to place an order, just use the following steps down;

  • Just log on to the official website of the company at
  • Click on the order now button and it’ll take you to a new page. On the new page, select your item and place an order.
  • When you click on any of the items on the list, you’ll be led to a page to fill your order.

How do I login at the Panda Express Online?

To login, you must have created your own account. Then, login with your user ID and your unique password.

As you get to the home page click on the account icon. Then, click on the login tab. At this point, fill in your userID and your unique password. Thereafter, you’ll be successfully logged in to your account at Panda Express.


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