Italian Government Scholarships for International Students

Italian Government Scholarships for International Students

The Italian Government scholarships is for interested international students to study for undergraduates, masters, and Ph.D. degrees.


The Italian Government offers scholarships to eligible students to study in Italian higher education institutions. Also, every recipient must not be holding any university scholarship. In this post, you’ll see all the eligibility criteria for applying for the scholarship.

Like other scholarship opportunities, every applicant must confirm their eligibility before you send your applications.

The main objective of the scholarship is to reduce the cost of education for a lot of international students. Looking at the content below, you’ll see the relevant information about the scholarship embedded in this article.

Who are the sponsors of the Italian Government Scholarship?

It’s the Italian Government that awards scholarships to international students. Also, Italian citizens studying in Italy can still get a scholarship. However, the international students that apply for this program alongside postgraduate and master programs and Ph.D. programs are as well.

More so, students apply for these courses of higher education in art, music, and Dance with advanced courses in the Italian language.


How Can I get an Italian government Scholarship?

In the beginning, to get the scholarship of an Italian scholarship you must have to apply rightly. Also, you need to be well informed about the application portals, when it’s open, and the right time to apply.

Apart from applying early, it’s good you also send an application. The application will be duly vetted and proofread in order to avoid mistakes that may reduce your chances.

Italian Government Scholarships

Who should apply for the Italian Government Scholarship?

Only eligible candidates should apply for the scholarship to be considered. If you must ascertain your eligibility, you must read through this article below:


Field or Level of Study

All the scholarships in Italy are available for those pursuing bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D. degrees in the below fields of study:

  • The second level University course (Five-year degree/master of Science )(Laurea Specialistica/ Laurea Magistrale 2° Ciclo)
  • The Master’s degree courses are for first and second level
  • D courses
  • Specialization schools
  • The research  under academic supervision
  • The courses of higher education in Arts, Music, and dance (AFAM).Scuola Internatiozionale di Liuteria di Cremona, Scuola di Alta Formazione e Studio (SAF) of the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ISCR); Scuola Nazionale di Cinema Then,
  • Course in Italian Language and their culture
  • Courses on training/refresher courses for Teachers of the Italian Language.

The Host Nationality

It’s an Italian government scholarship board. And it’s hosted by the Italian Public education and research system. For intentional students who want to study in the UK, you can check the best UK scholarships.


Eligible Nationality

 Italian government scholarship is open to international students mostly from developing courtiers. Besides the Italian government scholarships for international students, there’re other scholarships available for international students to study abroad.

The Benefits of these Scholarships

Well, the scholarship holders are excluded from the payment of the university tuition fees. This is in accordance with the existing regulations.  In other times, the universities as part of their autonomy.

Candidates are to recommend contacting the chosen institution in order to know about eventual taxes or tuition fees.

Then, for the sole period of the University scholarship in Italy, the scholarships cover the awardee’s insurance for illness or accident, and air tickets, except for the Chilean citizens.

Qualification for the Italian Government scholarship

For Doctorate students

  • Must have done masters
  • They must have a certificate of intermediate level in Italian such as CILS, B2, and CELI.
  • Possession of PLIDA B2 or INT.IT Roma Tre) or the equivalent linguistic proficiency offered by a local organization or language school (such as  Italian Cultural Institute, Dante Alighieri Society branch.

Also, applicants must enroll in advanced courses on Italian Language and Culture. They must have at least an A2 level proficiency in Italian.

  • All candidates for courses for teachers should have Italian second language.
  • Every student enrolled in a year exceeding the legal duration of the course of study is eligible for scholarships.
  • Applicants may apply for a renewal to continue or to finish a multi-year course. However, renewal is possible if the applicants pass the exams needed in the past year. So, no scholarship renewals are offered for students exceeding the legal duration of the said course.

 How to apply for the Italian Government Scholarship

NB: The application can be gotten from country-specific information from the diplomatic mission or Italian Cultural institute in your country. You can do this either in person or from institutional websites.

Deadline for application

The deadline for the government of Italy scholarships for international students is usually the 30th of April Annually.

FAQs on Italian Government Scholarship

How can I study in Italy for free- Scholarship?

 To achieve this, you need to apply for Italian university scholarships. For, this you need to secure a full funding scholarship either from an Italian university or an Italian government.

Can one Study English in Italy?

Of course yes! Most Italian universities do have programs taught in English or in Italian. Therefore, to study in Italy you must provide proficiency in English or Italian. So, try your best to take this opportunity to study abroad!

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