Human Rights Scholarships for Developing Countries – Apply

Human Rights Scholarships for Developing Countries – Apply

Are you seeking Human rights scholarships for developing countries to study abroad? You’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll be showing you some of the best human rights scholarships for developing countries.


The LLM Human Rights (Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburg)

This scholarship program takes an interdisciplinary approach. So, it involves courses in Law and Political Science. Its courses cover a holistic understanding of human rights in the political phase.

Also,  they cover issues relating from basic human rights to Law, labor, gender, health and criminal justice. The Program focuses on exploring the relationship between human rights and conflict resolution. In addition, the scholarship provides exclusive open for applicants from Sub-Sahara Africa.


However, the award offers an opportunity for approximately 60 individuals to enroll at the University of Edinburg in Scotland, United Kingdom. And this scholarship funding covers tuition fees, miscellaneous expenses, and accommodation for one year.

The program has two methods of learning. The first one is Part-time and the second is full-time. Part-time last for two years and full-time last for one year.

Human Rights Scholarships for Developing Countries

Qualification for Global Justice Academy-Human Rights Scholarships for Developing Countries

The program qualification depends on the University of Edinburgh’s requirements. However, applicants will need to have the UK upper second class (2.1) Honors degree of its equivalent to gain admission.

However, a Non-UK degree gets a review to determine if their qualification can meet the requirement of the program. And students must reside within the university campus to enable proper supervision.


Erasmus Mundus Human Rights Policy and Practice Scholarship(From the University of Roehampton(Göteborgs Universitet (Sweden) and Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain)

This master’s program is one of the many opportunities that receive support from the Erasmus Mundus program. Its aim is to support qualify of higher education in Europe and simultaneously enhance cooperation between European and developing countries.

It contributes to human development resources and increases mobility between them. However, the Erasmus Mundus human rights policy and practice scholarship is a two-year full-time program. Though, it takes place in 3 countries which are: the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Spain.

Also, it’s the EU commission that provides the grant scholarships and related financial contributions to those that meet the qualifications.

Moreso, a consortium by the EU commission decides the criteria to choose applicants.


Requirements for Erasmus Mundus human rights policy and Practice Scholarship
  • Applicants must have a recognizable degree in social sciences or a similar field
  • Have a relevant professional experience
  • English language certification for international students.

Components of the Scholarship for Erasmus Mundus human rights program

  • Covers tuition fees
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Visas
  • Accommodation
Categories for Erasmus Mundus Human rights scholarships for Developing countries

 It has two categories, A and B. The A category covers students from Non- EU countries, while the category B covers applicants from EU Residents, Employees, and students for more than 12 months during the last five years.

Students in the B category will pay for their visa if applicable. However, students must study in the 3 partnered Universities. Students will start off at Göteborgs University (Sweden) from August to January. However, students will join Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) from February until July.

Lastly, they’ll stop at the University of Roehampton from December to June. Thereafter, the dissertation will take place in the preferred country based on the subject area.

Courses of Study

  • Political science
  • Anthropology
  • Legal and sociological causes.

All these will help them to promote and protect human rights around the world. Also, the programs incorporate human rights for indigenous communities. By this, students receive a holistic human rights understanding of the broader social and political context of the world.

Moreso, the program offers a global outlook preparing students for a global career in protecting human rights. In addition, it offers work placement for graduates by corporations, civil societies, and government entities.

The Master’s International Human Rights Law at the Oxford University

This master’s program is under Commonwealth funding for distance learning scholarships. It offers scholarships to students that reside in Commonwealth countries that are former colonies of the British Empire. Also, the host government works with the universities to support the awards.

So, this scholarship is one of the fully funded Master’s degree programs.  It’s for about ten individuals from developing countries. Most of the countries are in Africa and Asia.

And the scholarships must be in areas of human rights. However, students must apply for admission to the university like in other degree programs. But those that want funding for tuition, living, and travel expenses will need a separate application.

In addition, the funding covers tuition, and examination fees, and offers a monthly stipend of about £1,043 per month. This makes it one of the top funding programs available.

This scholarship is a two-year course that focuses on developing an understanding and application of international human rights law.   Students can submit the application via the Graduate Admissions office of the University.


  • Transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letters of reference
  • English language comprehension test results.
LLM Human Rights –Human Rights Institute, Columbia Law School

The Columbia Law School awards a fellowship for people to pursue a Master’s Degree in Human rights.

It’s a program known as Human Rights LLM Fellowship. It receives its coordination from the School’s office of Graduate legal studies and human rights Institute. Also, the award supports students pursuing their LLM degree at the Columbia Law School. And also, they must show excellent potential and commitment in areas of human rights.

Though, student financing can be partial or full. And selecting students depends on the financial needs of the students. The funding covers living expenses. And the requirement for funding depends on experience in international human rights. If you’re getting this award, you’re to utilize it for solely study and research.


The Human rights Scholarships for developing countries provides economic backgrounds and opportunity to build knowledge and skills in their chosen profession. However, the selection process depends on Merit and top-level performance, awareness of global issues, work experience, and personal initiatives.

Students also have the opportunity to travel abroad and interact with people from other cultures and experiences.

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