How to Write A Cv For Scholarship Application

How to Write A Cv For Scholarship Application

Are you thinking of applying for admission to a college or university abroad? But if the stumbling block is an academic resume (CV)?

In this post, we’ll help you on how write a captivating CV for a scholarship or admission application.


What is a CV for Scholarship?

CV isn’t a new word to students. However, you may have heard what a CV in office terms means.  A CV is a document that contains the qualification and official data and some of your personal information. Also, it helps the higher officials and employers to select among other applicants for employment. Also, a CV for the scholarship is quite identical to an office CV, though the difference is that here, you’re not applying for a job, but now, and you’re applying for a scholarship.

As soon as the institutions offer you scholarships, their aim is to reduce your financial burden. It’s to relieve the burden on your intelligent, diligent, and career-focused students.  Because of this, they’ll ask for a CV for scholarship applications from interested candidates.


This application is to portray the candidate halfway through the application process.

It’s the CV for application will tell them about your academic performance, curricular activities, extra working hours, career goals, and other personal information of the particular applicant.

So, it’s quite important that your CV stands out to the mark of the scholarship panel.

Cv For Scholarship

CV for Scholarship Application

Having a professional yet academic and attractive CV is one that shows potential in the student. However, a CV that has research, interest or cover declaration, awards, honors, a good academic history, and teaching experience or any course that’s close to that field you’re applying for.  If your CV is well structured, you’ll be definitely considered.


Therefore, the key to an attractive scholarship CV is exemplary writing skills. It should have research capability and patience. In case you can’t write your CV for the scholarship correctly, we have a guide for you.

How to write a CV for a Scholarship

Follow the steps and create a competent CV for the scholarship:

Compiling of your Achievements

For a start, you must compile all your academic achievements such as your qualifications, academic awards, honors, extra-curricular engagements, teaching experience, and any type of part-time job that you have involved yourself.


Read through your achievements

In this stage, you’ll read through your achievements and make sure that they are what you mean. Ensure to add relevant information to your CV. If you don’t it’ll lead to having a bad impression on the reviewer. When this happens, it’ll reduce the chances of you getting the scholarship.

Analyze your CV in Descending order

 Here, you’ll have to analyze your CV in descending order. That’s to show your achievement from the top and then all of them arranged in a descending manner.  With this, it’ll show professionalism in your CV and highlight objectivity.

Include your Personal information

As you write your CV for the Scholarship, don’t forget to mention your personal data. This is also very important as part of your CV. Your personal information such as your personal views about politics and sports, your sex, marital status, and religion should be deducted from your CV. Because if not included, it can form part of a conflicting nature, what is seen in your CV portrays otherwise from your real person.

You should re-analyze your CV

Double-check your CV twice or thrice after drafting it. Go through the grammatical errors and remove any errors that may cost you your scholarship. However, it’s always better to be on the safer side than be sorry at last.


From the beginning of your CV

  • From the start, you should mention your full name in block letters.
  • Then, fill in your account email address and your phone number
  • Provide your residential address
  • Fill in your nationality; also mention if you have dual nationality in your CV.
  • Lastly, include the date of your birth.

In the last part of the CV

In the last part, you’ll have to mention all your academic qualifications and achievements such as:

  • Educational performance
  • How many languages you can speak
  • Your extracurricular activities
  • Hobbies
  • If you have any job experience
  • You can still mention is you have computer skills. However, having computer skills will play a key role in your CV as a student. If you don’t have any computer skills, you may not be considered for scholarships despite your academic successes.
  • Also, you can mention your school records like marks scored at some specific times.

State the reason for applying for the scholarships and how it can be of benefit to you. Then, mention your goals and objectives in a professional way. Another thing to point out is the minimum of 3 referees, this is very important.

CV for Scholarship Writing Format


Your writing font matters a lot as it gives a direct impression. Use a neutral font when writing a CV for a scholarship. Most times are good you use Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. Also, if you wish to highlight any word, use Georgia, Garamond, and Cambria. Use a font size of 12. Don’t forget to apply Boldly, Underline, and Italic formatting where necessary.

Be Definite and Sincere

Ensure that every piece of information you’re providing on your CV is 100% true. Because the details will be checked by the institution. Also, don’t try to take the risk of providing false information, because this can cause you problems.


Make sure you sound calm and composed, in the way you write. Let your style include a few words that can provide complete and to-the-point sentences. Definitely, it’ll leave a positive opinion of you to the interviewers.

To see the template for creating a personal CV, click here.

Avoid the Me-Factor

Do not write much about yourself. But bear in mind that whatever; you’re saying is about the person that needs the scholarship.  However, be considerate as much as you can. Praising yourself too much might make the reader think you’re a narcissist or egocentric.

Selling your Success

We all know that a CV contains a summary of your milestone in life to the point of writing. It contains all your achievements that you can present to anyone. It’s in two pages and showcases your academics, skill set, portfolio, and capacities to sell you to any person or organization. It should be eye-catching and contains lots of lifetime achievements that will make you acceptable

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