How To Get Scholarship Abroad- Study Abroad with Ease

How  To Get Scholarship Abroad- Study Abroad with Ease

How to get scholarship abroad is a hot topic that most students want to know. Many people want to study abroad for so many reasons. Hence, I want to bring to you many ways you can get scholarship to study abroad with ease.

In case you’ve wanted to study abroad and have not yet gotten an opportunity, it means that there’s something you’re not doing right.

Once you’re able to do the right thing, I’m sure you’re will be smiling to the country of your choice with fully or partially funded scholarship abroad.

As you plan to study abroad with a scholarship, you’ll plan to save up some money for things that you must get yourself.

However, for those you don’t know to scholarship abroad, this article will guide you through. At the end of this article, you’ll know the best country to get scholarship abroad.

What is a Scholarship?

For those who don’t know, Scholarship is that financial support or grant that an individual receives to fund their education both locally or internationally. It can also include the cost of living in the place or country of the scholarship.

How to get Scholarship Abroad

One of the first steps to take if you want to get scholarship abroad is to search for available scholarships. Ensure that the scholarship you want to apply for is still ongoing.

If you make the mistake of applying for a scholarship that the deadline is past, you won’t succeed.

How do I find the scholarship?

What you’ll have to do is to find country-specific scholarships by contacting the university websites. Search for scholarship opportunities in credible scholarship websites. Some scholarships are country-specific and some are subject specific.

So, if you’re looking for country specific, like Confucius institute scholarship, search for Chinese government scholarships.

Some scholarships are continent based, such as Scholarships for African students. Also, some scholarships are gender based like scholarships for African woman.

In addition, some are skill based like scholarships for art students. Therefore, you must know the category and type or country the scholarship is available for.


Once you find out the type of scholarship you want, you’ll have to find out if you’re qualified. So, there’s no need trying to apply for a scholarships if you aren’t qualified or you didn’t meet the criteria. It’ll be a waste of time is you engage yourself applying for scholarship you’re not qualified.

Proper Research

As soon as you find the scholarship that you qualify for, the next thing is to make research about the provider.

Find out what they’re looking for in the application form. Such things that can be of interest could be if the applicants should be younger and possess entrepreneurial abilities.

In addition, they could be looking for people whose ability agrees with certain charity. If you discover this, it’ll go a long way to making your application more viable.

Prove Yourself

In this part, you’ll have to fill the application form. Fill the form with the right information. At this point, the research you did will play a major role. Ensure you use the checklist and tick off everything the scholarship provider is asking for. After this, make sure you back it up with evidence.


The chances getting the admission may be slim. So, you need to apply more than once. You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t focus on one scholarship because the competition is quite high.

You need to know there’re only few scholarships that can guarantee you full tuition fees and living expenses. Also, it’ll be good if you also apply for other smaller scholarships. By so doing, you’ll increase your chances of getting one.

Types of Scholarships for studying Abroad

  1. Merit-Based Scholarships- This type of scholarship depends on the student’s artistic, athletic and other abilities. It has to do with the claimant’s extracurricular activities. However, these requirements and qualifications vary from scholarships to scholarships.
  2. Country of Origin Scholarships- This particular type is awarded by international students that are planning to attend study abroad scholarship programs in any country. It’s seen as a motivated country to investigate. However, you must check it once with the government site or sponsored education sites to know the availability.
  3. Scholarships for student with Unique Background-This type of scholarship is for people who may not qualify for on Merit. It goes to students on grounds of religion, gender and Medical history. The major reason for this is to promote various sections of the society.
  4. Subject-Based Scholarship- This one depends the course of study. It enables applicants to stick to distinct courses while they study abroad. However, the qualification differs from school to school.
  5. Program-Specific Awards-Most Universities and colleges offers program –specific scholarships. It’s awarded according to the personal and academic achievements of the applicants. Also, the qualifications differ depending on scholarships.
What time is best to apply for a Scholarship

We all know that scholarship helps to offset a lot for students. Because a lot or all of your expenses are covered for you.  The main process of applying for the scholarships varies from one to another.

So, you have to think of how and what time you should apply for the scholarships.  However, there’re scholarships you don’t have to for separately and the colleges now offers it.

So, the confirmation application will be taken into account. If you have excellent marks and if your profile meets all the requirement you’ll be eligible for the scholarships.

In this regard, you’ll have to do a word with your college admission cell to get the right information.

Another type of scholarship is the independent scholarship. This type is offered by organizations, corporation and so on. Before you apply for any scholarship, you must note the deadline. This deadline must start before the academic session. So, every scholarship applications must be made before the beginning of the session.





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