How to Get a Full Paid Scholarship

How to Get a Full Paid Scholarship

When it comes to getting scholarships, many applicants are full of hopes that they might win the Scholarship.

Well all know what a scholarship is. However, applying for scholarship is good thing since you know that it’ll help you to foot your academic bills either in  full or partial.

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However, there’re several countries that one is likely to get  a scholarship with ease.  Also, in a bid to get a scholarship, one should be careful to know how to know if a scholarship is a scam.

However, in this article, I’ll be discussing how to get a full paid scholarship or how to win a scholarship either fully paid or partial scholarship.

The truth is that there’re not too many full paid scholarships around. However, those that are available are really competitive. Though that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply.

How to get a full paid scholarship

Know where to search for a scholarship

It’s important you know where to actually find a full paid scholarship. Now the first place is to check the University official website. This is because they also offer their own funding opportunities for students from your location, subject or external scholarships.

To be sure most times, you can check scholarship websites like the or From there, you’ll know that different kinds of scholarships. Some are for particular subjects while other are for some particular student group (Mostly African students).

Make Sure you Prepare in Advance

If you are sure that you need a full scholarship to study abroad or attend University in your country, you need to be well prepared.

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Since there’re a lot of people competing for the same scholarship, you need to be fit intellectually.   You have to be prepared in advance because you have some interviews to undertake.

However, in some cases, some Universities conduct special scholarship exams to know who is best qualified for the scholarship.

In other times, it may require you to attend an interview with the faculty member and provide some answers to some questions. The questions could be about your goals and motivation for the scholarship.

To attend this scholarship interview, you would appear formal, dressing smart and ready to provide good answers to the questions.  Also, you have to find out the best ways to answer common scholarship questions.

Work Hard /Keep Motivated

It’s important you know that some full scholarships will be based on financial need instead of academic excellence, however, some will take both into consideration. But some award will go  to exceptional students.

Well, it states that you’ll have to work hard in your studies, but you’ll need to put in more effort if you really want to get the full scholarship. Lastly, the scholarship will be awarded to the highest achieving students.

In other cases, Universities may automatically consider application and also making high grades crucial.

As you push yourself academically, you can also stay motivated by keeping your goals in mind. It’s good you give yourself to the course and give yourself a break every now and then to relax.

You must yourself stand out from other applicants in the Scholarships

Because of so much competition to get a full scholarship, it’s very important to stand out from the pool of application by showing real commitment to improving yourself as a person.

In this case, you’ll need to have a few extracurricular activities to show to the scholarship providers.

Most times you need to demonstrate your willingness and passion outside the classroom.

Sometimes you have involve yourself  with the local community; it can involve taking part in volunteer work for a good cause.

In this regard, leadership skills are very important by scholarship providers and they can show it by volunteering to lead projects in your extracurricular activities.

To stand out again when it comes out to scholarship applications is a having a glowing report on your academic and personal qualities via letters of recommendation.

For this, if a mentor knows you well, they can provide you with a more personal and correct reflection of you in their letter.

Read the application process and Instructions Properly

You must know carefully what the scholarship instructions are. If you don’t read carefully, you may miss out some important aspect of the scholarship application that may make or mar your chances.

Once you read carefully and understand it, you’re most likely meeting all the requirements. So, you can now email the scholarship provider any clarification they want.

Write and submit an exceptional Scholarship essay or cover letter

This is another point that will decide in a long way if  you’ll get the full scholarship or not. Your application essay will go a long in determining your success in winning the full scholarship.

By so doing, you need to provide a concise and clear application essay. You’ll write with the intention of convincing your provider that you’re the best in consideration.

Focus on the key theme or topic for the scholarship  and present your essay flawlessly both in spelling and grammar.

Make sure you proofread it enough and also get your friend or a more experienced person to read it to avoid errors.

Be very real in Approach

In as much as I said earlier that there’re a lot of scholarships that aren’t real, don’t be discouraged. No doubt, the scholarships are competitive but you must have to be  realistic.

Don’t allow anything to hold you back even if those you think are more qualified didn’t make it in the past. Let nothing to limit you. And you must know that there’s no  limit to the number of scholarships applications you can send out.

In addition, there’s no  limit to the number of scholarship applications that you can be  awarded.

However, you can even build your own full scholarships  with two or more smaller scholarships.

But if you get a rejection in any scholarship application, don’t allow it to weigh you down. Pick yourself up and dust yourself and  go all out for it. Surely, one day you’ll be successful.

My advice is that you don’t have to stop trying until you get what you want.

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