Honjo International Scholarship foundation Japan 2023

Honjo International Scholarship  Foundation Japan 2023

Honjo International scholarship foundation is open for the scholarship offering to foreign students. The scholarship is for students who want to study in Japan. It’s for both graduate school and doctoral and Master’s degrees.


Every applicant can submit an application from abroad as long as the application will be accepted by the Japanese graduate school. Students can apply directly to the foundation without pre-selection by the Japanese University.

Honjo International Scholarship

Honjo International Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsor(s): Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Japan

Scholarship Type: full funding

Host Institution(s): Japanese Universities

Scholarship worth:  Check the scholarship benefits below

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: Postgraduatee (Masters)

Nationality: International students


Eligibility for Honjo International scholarship 2023

If you must get consideration for the Honjo international scholarship for international students, you must meet the criteria below:

  • Every applicant must be an international student who seeks to study in Japan.
  • All the applicants must have a relevant bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • The very applicant must demonstrate excellent academic and research capacities.

How to apply for Honjo International scholarships

If you have an interest in applying for the scholarship, then you must make sure that you meet the qualifications. After that, you can proceed to complete all the applications on the application portal online.

On the portal, you’ll fill out the application form and upload the right documents.  As you, as you submit the right documents, the application number will be given to you. Thereafter, the PDF of your application form will be created.  However, it’s important you save the PDF file as you will need it as soon as the result is out.

The required documents for Honjo scholarships

  • You’ll need your academic transcript (In Japanese or in English, also attach a translation in case of other languages).
  • Also, the academic transcript of the graduate school (if you don’t have the transcript you don’t have to submit it).
  • The academic transcript of the undergraduate course (needed) if you transferred into the University from the College of Technology (kōsen school system). However, the transcript from that school is also important.


Research Proposal:
  • You’ll use the designated template and write in the Japanese Language. Also, note what you’re going to research, what and how you’ll be contributing to your home country from what you’ve learned from or the study from Japan. What have you’ll or have achieved concerning research, academic and social activity?
  • Applicants need a recommendation letter from a supervisor:  Applicants must get a recommendation letter describing their academic performances, their personal characteristics evaluation, future potential, etc. Also, you can obtain a recommendation letter from your past supervisor in your country if the recommender is quite familiar with your academic background. Also, the letter should be sent from the recommender’s email account at info@hisf.or.jp. This shouldn’t be later than the date of the deadline. Then the application number should be in the subject of the email.
  • Every document that proves admission, like an admission letter, a letter of acceptance, and so on. Ensure to upload the certificate of enrollment if the student is already enrolled in graduate school. Though, if the admission letter or the letter of acceptance isn’t available at the end of the deadline, just enter the probable date that is available on the “web application portal”, then, send it to the HISF through an email.
  • Provide a recommendation letter from a supervisor: Such will describe your academic performance, personal characteristics, future potential, etc. Get a recommendation letter from your past supervisor in your account and the recommender must know you well academically.


  • The number of sheets for the recommendation is not compulsory
  • Let the recommender send the letter directly to the foundation without sending it to the applicant at info@hisf.or.jp. It shouldn’t exceed the deadline date. Also, the file’s name should include the applicant’s name and the application number that the applicant is given.
  • Once the applicant receives the recommendation from the recommender, they must upload it to the online application system. Also, the recommender should sign or seal it, which is very important.
  • Don’t forget to provide the documents to prove admissions such as an admission letter and acceptance letter. Then, upload the certificate of your enrollment if you enrolled already in graduate school.
  • But if the letter of acceptance isn’t available before April 30, 2022, enter the probable date on the “online portal”.After that, send it to the HISF office via email immediately. Note that once it exceeds May 1, 2022, you can’t log in to the online application portal again.
  • However, if the envelope is directed as “Confidential” or “invalid if Opened”, open all the envelopes and upload the documents as PDF files via the “online application system”.
  • You can as well upload photocopied documents.
Application deadline: October 31, 2022

To find out more about this scholarship, visit the official website of Honjo International foundation.

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