Fully Funded Scholarships to Abroad – Top 10 Paid Scholarships

 Fully Funded Scholarships to Abroad – Top 10 Paid Scholarships

Everyone has this dream to be great. However, not everyone can achieve greatness. But those who most achieve greatness must do so with an extra Push.

To achieve your dreams of studying abroad, we have compiled for you 10 fully-Funded Scholarships to Study abroad.

There’re a lot of scholarships that are fully-funded. All of these are to support your educational career. It’ll make your hopes of having a quality education become real. And for those who doesn’t have the financial capacity of sponsoring themselves abroad Scholarship will help you.

So, without wasting anytime, let’s guide to the 10 fully-funded scholarships to study abroad.

Fully  funded Scholarships to study Abroad

  1. The Government of Turkey – Turkiye Scholarships

Turkish government offers scholarships  to support international students to study in Turkish top Universities.

This scholarship is open for Undergraduates, graduates and doctorate degrees. Also, the scholarship covers  tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, academic placements and many more. Click here to apply.

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Just like Hungary, the Turkish government will want to create ties with other nations via the beautiful experience from the foreign students.    However, they are sure to have foreign students in their schools through scholarships.

Also, another important aspect is that most of the courses are thought in Turkish language. Although, there’re few exceptions that require TOEFL and their counterparts before they grant you scholarships.

2. The Government of Canada Scholarships in Canada

 Government of Canada offers study in Canada Scholarships that provides students from post- secondary institutions  in eligible countries. It offers international students mostly Africans short-term exchange opportunities for study or research in Canadian Post-secondary institutions at the College, for undergraduate and graduate levels. Click here to apply

The value of the scholar is Canadian Dollar $10,200 or CAD $12,700. Also, it depends on study duration. And the funds should be for Visa or Study/Work permit fee, airfare using the direct and economical route. In addition, the scholarship includes the health insurance, living expenses, books and more.

  1. The Korean Government ‘s Global Scholarship in Korea.

Government of Korea scholarships is fully-funded and it aims at providing international students scholarship opportunities. This will enable them to have advanced studies in graduate programs at higher educational institutions in Korea. In addition, it’ll promote international exchanges in education and mutual friendship between countries.

Students who get these scholarships will receive benefits that cover tuition fees, living expenses, Airfare, medical insurance. Also, it covers Resettlement allowance , research support completion grant and other benefits. Click Here to apply.

 4. The Common Wealth Scholarships and Fellowship Programs

This could be the most prestigious on this list.  It’s most popular for those in the common wealth countries. So, if you’re in these countries and you have the right requirements, you can apply.

Each year, the commonwealth scholarship programs offers over 700 applicants the opportunity to study abroad   fully-funded.

The scholarship offers include PhD scholarships, master’s scholarships, Distance learning scholarships, medical Fellowships and many more. Click here to apply

  1. The DAAD develop-Related Postgraduate Courses Scholarship

DAAD EPOS scholarships provide foreign graduates from developing and newly industrialized countries from different disciplines.  It involves having at least 2 years of professional experience to stand a chance to  take a postgraduate or master’s degree . This takes place at a state-recognized German   University. Though in exceptional cases, take a doctoral degree. Click here to apply

6.The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

It’s clear that the Swiss government Excellence scholarships focus on young researchers from abroad. The emphasis is on those that have completed a master’s degree or Ph.D  and also  foreign artists holding a bachelor’s degree.

Those you receive these are selected by the awarding body. And it’s the Federal commission for scholarships for foreign Students (FCS). Click here to apply.

  1. The UK Government Chevening Scholarships

It’s a UK based scholarship. However, it’s very competitive and requires great attention if you’re going for this scholarship. So, the scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, flying allowance and so on.

The aim of this scholarship is to remove the burden of the students to make sure that there’s no stress in their stay and to make them focus on their academics.

Furthermore, as an awardee, you must have to return to your home country for a minimum of 2 years after your schooling. Click Here to apply.

8. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

 It covers graduate, postgraduate and Doctorate degrees. Erasmus scholarship is open to students of Engineering, Law, computer science business and Economics.

It’s awarded by the European Union. The scholarships provide not just tuition fees but living expenses and also an allowance worth 1200 pounds.

So, it you want to get this scholarship, hot in and apply via the application portal. Select your preference.

Click here to apply

  1. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

This provides over 200+ English-taught masters courses and 20+ English-taught bachelor courses. Also, there’re other short courses.  You can find the University of Amsterdam in Netherlands. You find the place for non-European English Speaking countries and take part in their programs.

The Scholarship cuts across all Faculties from science, Law, Humanities and down to Child development and many more.

It’s worth 25, 000 pounds for tuition and living expenses. However, it’s for students who were amongst the top 10% of their graduate class and can also prove their ambition. Click here to Apply

10. The Fulbright Foreign Students Program

It scholarship at Fulbright helps graduate students, young professionals and artists from abroad to study and also do research in the US. This program operates in over 160 countries worldwide.

Also, about 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright Scholarships every year.

In addition, the program with foreign language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) accommodates foreign students and also run foreign language program.

So, it means that young students from different countries are accepted to study in the USA institutions.  And it comes with the requirements to teach their home language as junior language assistants. Click here to apply.

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