Electrician Trade Schools in the World – Best 12

Electrician Trade Schools in the World – Best 12

 The Electrician Trade Schools in the World –Do you know about the electrician trade schools in the world ? An electrician means a tradesman who specializes in carrying out the electrical wiring of homes, setting up and also transmission systems.  He also carries out other electrical related tasks.

Being an electrician is actually very lucrative. However, the best paid 25 percent made $71,430 in 2021. Also, the lowest paid 25 paid made $40,320.

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Do you want to be a professional electrician in 2022? You’ll need to attend to any of the electrical trade schools in the world.

However, as an electrician, you’ll be doing great jobs involving installations. You can install new electrical components and maintain and repair worn out parts.

So, as you read on, I’ll tell you the best electrician trade school where you can acquire certified programs.

Who is An Electrician?

Let’s say in simple terms that an electrician is an expert who creates an electrical wiring for homes.

In addition, he or she repairs and maintains the equipment’s that have electricity flowing through them.  Moreover, these they do with the necessary license to install and carryout the operations.

However, the hands-on-training is to ensure the tradesman can now perform the things he learned during the program.

What do the Electricians do? Electrician Trade Schools in the World

Every building has electrical lighting, power and control system which is installed during the construction. This is also maintained thereafter.

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Therefore, the systems power lights, appliances and equipment that makes the lives of the people and job easier.

So, as an electrician, what you’ll be doing as  part of your job is to maintain and service the systems.

More so, electricians  read electrical blueprints and this is always technical diagrams of the electrical systems . It shows the location of circuits, and the equipment in the building.

In addition, they make use of different types of hand and power tools such as conduit benders, to run and protect wiring.

In case of any electrical faults or problems, the electrician can use tools and devices such as ammeters, Voltmeters, thermal scanners and cable testers.

They use these gadgets to detect problems and make sure that components are well fixed.

In Summary below, is a list of what electricians do:

  • Reads and interprets the blueprints and technical diagrams.
  • Helps to install and as well maintain wiring, control and lighting systems.
  • Checks electrical components like transformers and circuit breakers.
  • Helps to identify all electrical problems using variety of testing devices.
  • They repair wiring, equipment or fixtures using hand tools and other power tools.
  • Electricians also mentors and train apprentices, workers to help install, maintain or repair electrical wiring or equipment.

How long does it take someone to become an Electrician?

For those attending a trade school, it’s just going to be for a little time as nine months.

However, if you  want to go to the University, it may take you about five or six years to become an  electrician or an engineer.

However, it depends on the kind of program you want to take. Different electrician programs can take different time frames for training. Just for an average, it’ll take like 4 years to become a full electrician with a high value.

How much can one make as an Electrician

Attending an electrician trade school may vary in cost depending on the program type. In terms of costs, Public schools are the cheapest for  the training.

It can be as low as $3,000 or $4,000 and may just be as high as $10,000.

For vocational or technical schools, it can be as little as more expensive. It can cost from $3,000 or $4,000 and may just be as high as $10,000

However, private schools are more expensive and it can costs from $7,000 to $27,000.

More Tips

It’s good you make sure the school you’re into is teaching you exactly what you want to learn.

In addition, you must have to ensure that you get the certificate. Make sure the school isn’t billing you so much.  Since some schools don’t really offer the value of what they claim, you have to be very careful.

Which of the Schools are best Electrician trade schools in the World?

Here’re ranks of schools that will help you to get the best from the electrician trade schools. This list is as arranged by study.com.

We’ll be showing you the electrician trade schools in the world:

  • Aviron Technical Institute
  • Coyne College
  • Emily Griffith Technical college
  • WyoTech Vocational Schools
  • Miami Dade College-Miami.
  • Michigan State University-East Lansing
  • GateWay Community College-Phoenix
  • Red Rocks Community College- Lakewood
  • Glendale community College –Glendale
  • Manchester Community College –Manchester
  • Dallas county Community College- Dallas
  • Lansing Community College-Lansing
  • Metropolitan community college-Omaha
  1. Aviron Technical Institute

The Aviron Technical institute is one of the top electrical trade  schools in the world.

It’s founded in the year 1937 by aviation pioneer Captain W. J. Guy and Simon F. Flegg. They formed it under the name “Aviron”. Their vision  are as follows:

  • To be  the leader of trade schools in Quebec.
  • Expanding their expertise into international markets.
    • Provides courses that will meet and also need the demands of future.
  • To develop new training techniques by continuously improving every discipline.

The Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal helps to maintain its landmark status. it’s seen as a reputable trade school.

They offer a variety of Loan and bursary programs.  It’s licensed by the MELS and  enlisting experts in the industry.

The Aviron Technical institute offers a full range of programs that’s suitable to everyone. Its programs are available in English and French. Such programs are Electricity, Automobile mechanics, Industrial drafting, welding and Fitting.

  1. Coyne college

This one of the Chicago’s top skilled trade education institutions and the best electrician schools in the world. Also, they offer 2 programs for aspiring electrical workers. The programs are electrical construction and planning and the electrical construction and maintenance.

Coyne College runs day and night classes for both programs. This helps to accommodate busy schedule students.

Both programs are available at the Coyne College campus in the heart of Chicago. Location of the school is the Chicago Loop at the intersection of State and Madison Streets.

Interestingly, the course content of the electrical construction and planning program’s curriculum is quite an in-depth. However, the curriculum for electrical construction and maintenance is less in-depth.

Through, both of them can be completed in  about 78 weeks.

Also, the electrical construction and maintenance program helps to prepare you to enter the field. Though, you can finish in 42 to 56 weeks depending on whether you opt for day or night classes.

More so, as a student in either Coyne college electrical programs, you’ll be having classes such as:

  • Electrical and Electronic Principles
  • Electrical Test and Equipment safety
  • Electrical construction- Residual
  • Electrical theory and applications.
  1. Emily Griffith Technical College

The Emily Griffith Technical College is a public college downtown in Denver, Colorado, United States. It was founded by Emily Griffith in 1916 as an opportunity School renamed in her honor in 1933.

The College offers 4 –year intensive apprenticeship and classroom-training for commercial and industrial electricians. However, this has been on for since mid-50s.

The program boasts of about 1,000 graduates as one of the best electrician schools yearly. Although it’s a longer program than most electrician trade schools. It’s one of the most sought-after and quite versatile electricians.

  1. WyoTech Vocational Schools

WyoTech Vocational Schools has six commuter computers over the states. It offers students certificates program and associates degree for electrician students.

The training is focused at working adults and specialize in offering flexible programs. It’s  among the top electrical engineering trade schools in the world.

Visit School here

  1. Miami Dade College –Miami

The Miami Dade College is a public college in Miami, Florida. It’s founded in the year 1959. It has a total of eight campuses and twenty on outreach centers in Miami-Dade County.

When it comes to size, it’s the largest college in Florida. And it has over 165,000 students and the second-largest college or university in the United States.

Miami Dade college has eight different campuses that make up the college and all the campuses. They are known for outstanding contributions in raising skilled electricians.

  1. Michigan State University –East Lansing

Michigan State University (MSU) is also a public research University. It’s in the East Lansing, Michigan. For, long, it has stood the test of time. And it’s one of the best electrician Trade Schools in the world.

Michigan State University started  in 1855 and it served as a model for land-grant universities created under the Morrill Act of 1862.

After the Morill Act, the college became coeducational and expanded their curriculum beyond agriculture.

Presently, MSU is one of the largest Universities in the US. And it has approximately 576,000 living alumni worldwide.

  1. GateWay Community College –Phoenix

This is another top trade school for electricians in the world. It’s a community college in Phoenix, Arizona. This college was established in 1968.

Gate way is among the e10 regionally accredited colleges in the Maricopa County Community college District.

However, it’s located originally in Downtown Phoenix, named Maricopa Technical College. Although it become the first technical college established in Arizona.

  1. Red Rocks Community College- Lakewood

The red Rocks community college is a public community college in Lakewood, Colorado and Arvada, Colorado. It’s also a part of the Colorado Community college system.

The RRCC’s Electrical program offers students comprehensive knowledge to become an electrician, engineer and more.

Also, every course in this institution prepares you for many career opportunities in the electrical industry.

It handles thoroughly DC, AC and polyphase electric circuits and solid-state power devices minimize the possibility of technological obsolescence.

Offers motor controls and programmable controllers that lets you design and build control systems.

In addition, it offers electrical installation courses using the latest techniques according to National Electrical code.

There’s also electrical code and firm alarm classes very useful for preparation for a state license and NICET certification exams.

  1. Manchester Community College – Manchester

This is yet another best electrician school. Manchester community college is a public community college in Manchester, Connecticut. Manchester Community college started in the year 1963. It graduates more than 23,000 students since the first class in 1965.

  1. Dallas County Community College-Dallas

This college offers associate degree and

Career/technical certificate programs in over 100 areas. Also, it includes one- and-two year certificates and degrees.

The DCCCD is among the largest community college system in Texas. Here, you can as well acquire online electrician courses.

  1. Lansing Community College- Lansing

It’s a public community college with the main campus in Lansing, Michigan.

It’s founded in the year, 1957. Although, its main campus is located on the urban, 42 acres site just downtown, Lansing, Michigan.

Lansing community college is accredited by the Higher commission (HLC). HLC is a regional accreditation agency that accredits degree-awarding institutions of higher learning.

The school offers about 230 associate degree and certificate programs . Courses offere are about  1,150 courses each academic year.

Moreover, the school provides certification for over 230 programs they offer.

  1. Metropolitan Community College –Omaha

This college is also known as MCC or Metro. Though it was formerly known as Metropolitan Technical community College. And it’s a public college in Omaha, Nebraska.

It’s main  to servicing the educational needs of the community. And Their electrician program is in 4 phases but divided into two quarters per year.

So, each quarter consists of 2 classes per week and it lasts for 11 weeks. And it has a total of 7 credit hours per quarter. The classes open for two evenings a week, from September through February.

In conclusion,

It is a nice  choice for you   to pursue a career as an electrician in 2022. The career is  really  very lucrative one.

It’ll  bring you in contact with a lot of people and you’ll  be on the road most times, visiting various locations and making money as well

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